Valheim Dev Discusses Possibility of Game Coming to Other Consoles Besides Xbox

Valheim, a survival game inspired by Norse mythology, has recently been released on Xbox systems, much to the pleasure of many players. Despite this, it is possible that the game will not be ported to PlayStation or Switch very soon.
In a recent interview, Iron Gate creator Jonathan Smrs said that while the studio is now working on Xbox platforms, the door is left open for a port in the future.

Players on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch may have to wait a while longer for Valheim’s release on their respective consoles.
When Valheim finally made it on Xbox platforms, creator Jonathan Smrs was interviewed on an episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast to talk about it.
The question of when or if the game will be released on other consoles arose, and Smrs clarified that for the time being, the team’s efforts were only directed at the Xbox One and the PC.
Smrs says, “For the moment, we’re solely considering the Xbox, but who knows?”

The statement from Iron Gate’s developers does not completely rule out the possibility of Valheim’s release on other platforms.
It’s understandable that the company would wait to release another game until Valheim had reached full availability on both platforms.
Xbox Game Preview provides Microsoft with an outlet not shared by Sony or Nintendo for the release of unfinished games like Valheim.
Valheim may be avoiding the PS5 and Switch for the time being because of the importance of the early access shops available on Xbox and PC to the development of the game.

Iron Gate may be prepared to go on additional console systems, though, once Valheim achieves its complete 1.0 release.
There’s little reason to doubt that Iron Gate wouldn’t wish to expand the game’s audience on other platforms, given the game’s overwhelming success among survival game players on PC and Xbox.
It looks like 2023 will be a busy year for Valheim, and with any luck, we’ll see ports for the PS5 and Switch in the not-too-distant future.

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