Video Compares Tekken 8’s Nina Williams to Her Appearance in Tekken 7

This new video examines the differences between Nina Williams in Tekken 8 and Tekken 7.
The eighth installment of one of gaming’s oldest and most storied series, Tekken, is currently under development.
The game, whose slogan is “Fist Meets Fate,” will feature the continuation of the tale of the Mishima family, among other things.

About EVO 2022, a strange and cryptic video hinted at Tekken 8, leaving fans to question if it was a remake or an entirely new game.
There had been speculation that Tekken 8 may make a debut at The Game Awards 2022, but it wasn’t until that year when the game was confirmed.
The clip gave a taste of the game’s gameplay and plot, which centers on a rematch between Jin Kazama and his father and archenemy Kazuya Mishima.
Character models produced in Unreal Engine 5 also received good marks from players.

The YouTube account YellonMotion has uploaded a video in which they pit Nina Williams from Tekken 8 against her Tekken 7 counterpart.
One of Tekken’s most pivotal characters, Nina Williams, has undergone a dramatic transformation from her original design.
There is a rehash of the same introduction and conversation with nearly similar animations for the combatant.
On the other hand, the video clearly demonstrates that her Rage Art super assaults are unique.
Although identical in their beginnings and activation by comparable attacks, Nina’s pistols take center stage in the Tekken 8 rendition.
It’s a more physical assault in Tekken 7 as the fighter climbs on top of the enemy and tries to pull them down.

Information concerning the Closed Alpha Test and the return of Nina Williams in Tekken 8 was just verified.
However, Tekken 8 will include more than just the Silent Assassin.
Fans may anticipate the appearance of Paul, Marshall Law, King, and Jack-8 in addition to Nina Williams, Jin, and Kazuya.
One of the characters from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Lars Alexandersson, will return for Tekken 8, along with a new character who has yet to be revealed.
Bandai Namco has announced that Jun Kazama, Jin’s mother, would be playable in their upcoming game.

The community at large is thrilled to have Nina Williams back and is celebrating her comeback.
The fighter is a fan favorite in Tekken and a rare example of a strong female protagonist in the fighting game genre.
Fans of the series have been left wanting more by Tekken 8, which was released in a year that has the potential to be excellent for fighting games.

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