Windows 11 gains traction with gamers according to Steam’s latest Hardware Survey

Steam’s latest hardware survey, released for December 2023, reveals intriguing insights into gaming trends. While Windows 11 is gradually gaining ground compared to Windows 10, gamers are showing a penchant for higher core count CPUs and increased RAM capacity.

In the broader market, Windows 11 has captured only 26% of the desktop market share, trailing behind Windows 10 at 67%. However, among gamers, Windows 11 is making strides, with 44% of surveyed users on the platform compared to 51% on Windows 10. This 4% shift from the previous month suggests a growing affinity for Windows 11 among gaming enthusiasts. As rumors swirl about the impending launch of Windows 12 later in the year, Windows 10’s dominance is expected to further diminish throughout 2024.

The survey also highlights a trend towards higher core count CPUs, with over 20% of users now opting for systems equipped with eight cores. While systems with six cores or less remain prevalent, there’s a noticeable shift away from dual and quad-core configurations, particularly in laptops.

In terms of memory, nearly 50% of systems now boast 16GB of RAM, while the share of systems with 32GB experienced a slight decline. Conversely, systems with 8GB or less of RAM are on the decline, reflecting the increasing demand for higher memory capacities driven by more demanding games and multitasking requirements.

The survey also notes a rise in the number of Steam users with VR headsets, indicating a growing interest in virtual reality gaming. Additionally, while RTX 40-series models, particularly the RTX 4060 mobile graphics, are not gaining significant traction, Nvidia maintains its stronghold over AMD in the GPU market.

Overall, the survey provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of gaming hardware preferences. While higher system specifications are becoming the norm, it’s important to consider that the Steam Hardware Survey offers a rough overview of market trends rather than a definitive snapshot. Nonetheless, it offers a glimpse into the hardware configurations favored by gamers worldwide.

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