World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Shares Lore Summary of the Dragon Aspects

Prior to the introduction of the Dragonflight expansion, World of Warcraft published a detailed blog post explaining the backstory of the five dragon Aspects.

A new blog entry covering the history of dragons and the Aspects they represent has been published on the World of Warcraft website in preparation for the upcoming Dragonflight event.
Important lore that players of World of Warcraft should be familiar with before experiencing Dragonflight is discussed in this new post.

World of Warcraft’s five dragonflights are led by Aspects, who are also the leaders of their own dragonflights.
The Aspects have been featured heavily in promotional media throughout film, art, and short tales, in addition to their important roles in Dragonflight.

In the latest entry on the World of Warcraft blog, players will learn the basics of the Azerothi dragon race.
After conquering Galakrond and receiving power from the Titans, the Aspects rise and rule until Deathwing’s demise in Cataclysm.
It presents the major players in the dragon saga, such as the Titan Keepers, the current and former Aspects, and the potential contenders.
Some terminology used in World of Warcraft, such as “Old Gods” and “Titans,” are also defined there for your convenience.

Alexstrasza and Nozdormu, the only surviving original Aspects, take up the most of the blog post’s attention.
The second Aspect of the blue dragonflight, Kalecgos, is mentioned briefly, but neither Wrathion nor Sabellian, two potential successors to the black dragonflight, are mentioned at all.
Even though the late Aspect Ysera has appeared in Shadowlands and on promotional material for Dragonflight, as well as evidence from the Dragonflight beta, players may not have seen the last of Ysera just yet.

Many WoW players have a soft spot for the dragon Aspects, and they can’t wait to read Dragonflight to find out more about them and their background.
Even though dragons have been seen frequently in media, the dragons in World of Warcraft have a unique personality that sets them apart from those in other fantasy games.
Informed by this article, newcomers to World of Warcraft will be just as ready for Dragonflight as seasoned veterans.

Dragonflight, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, is set to go live in under a week.
Players will be able to explore the uncharted Dragon Isles and uncover long-lost information about Warcraft’s legendary dragons and titans.
Players may also explore new dungeons and raids, ride dragons over the sky, and help the Aspects reclaim the power they lost in defeating Deathwing in Dragonflight.
Players won’t have to wait long to explore everything the new World of Warcraft expansion has to offer.

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