World of Warcraft Releases Aberrus Raid Testing Schedule

In preparation for the next Embers of Neltharion patch, Blizzard has announced the testing schedule for eight of the nine monsters in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, the newest World of Warcraft raid.
In the sequel to Vault of the Incarnates, players visit Deathwing’s hidden research lab from when he was the Earth-Warder and face off against a spectral Neltharion in the game’s last confrontation.
While many players are sad that they won’t be face the Primal Incarnates in Aberrus, the tier set from the raid has wowed nearly every class save the Monk.

After a week, on March 23 and 24, users of World of Warcraft will be able to test the remaining bosses; the timetable extends all the way until April 21.
Blizzard has hinted that further information, including which encounters would be included in the next phase, may become available as the day of testing approaches, although this remains to be seen.
Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade, who can be found in Valdrakken, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, will transfer raiders into the instance as soon as it opens, allowing for testing to begin immediately.
In most cases, players will access Aberrus via the new Zaralek Cavern zone in Embers of Neltharion.

Please keep in mind that the main goal of World of Warcraft raid testing is to assist Blizzard find flaws and get useful input on how intricate boss mechanics really work in practice.
Although the schedule now calls for 60 minutes, an additional hour of testing is certainly possible.
The official Blizzard article on the World of Warcraft forums will continue to be updated by the devs in the following weeks, so anyone interested in getting a firsthand glimpse at Aberrus may keep checking there.

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