Zelda Fan Makes Real Life Versions of All 24 Masks From Majora’s Mask

One gamer went to great lengths to reproduce, in miniature, every mask that could be worn in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
Some talented gamers have been inspired by the recent buzz around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to create fan art based on earlier entries in the series.

The Nintendo 64 game Majora’s Mask features a prominent mask mechanic, as suggested by the title.
True to its name, the plot centers on a Skull Kid who, once possessed by Majora’s Mask, sets out to destroy the world.
There are a total of 24 different masks Link may wear on his quest to preserve Termina, so don’t think this is your only option.
Furthermore, these accessories might have an effect on the action.

Fan art by Reddit user kzaf recently featured these stunning masks from Majora’s Mask.
A Reddit member claims to have made all 24 masks from the Nintendo 64 game so as to express their appreciation for the franchise.
The author released a photograph of all of the masks inspired by Majora’s Mask lined up on a wooden table.
Although they looked very little, they really had a lot of fine detail that made them easy to identify.

The photo included a variety of masks, some of which were the Blast Mask, Bunny Hood, and Mask of Truth.
In addition, kzaf made little replicas of the Majora’s Mask items Deku Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask, all of which are used during transformations.
The artist claims they used air-dry white clay and acrylic paint to make the masks.
While Majora’s Mask, which Skull Kid famously wore, was not included, kzaf did say they intended to produce it in the future.

Not unexpectedly, many people in the Legend of Zelda subreddit were interested in these masks inspired by Majora’s Mask.
kzaf’s artwork has received over 2.7K upvotes despite the fact that it was only submitted lately.
Several commenters expressed their appreciation for the fan art and how much it reminded them of the original game.
Fans have praised the remake, and kzaf has clarified any lingering questions about Garo’s Mask (which looked different in the remake) by saying that they used the 3DS designs of the masks.

As the release of Tears of the Kingdom approaches, it will be exciting to see what other works of art Zelda fans have created in anticipation of the game.
The quality of these masks inspired by Majora’s Mask suggests that future fan works will also be impressive.

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