Celebrating Pokemon Unite’s First Anniversary with New Pokemon, PvE Mode, and More!

The Pokemon Company is throwing a summer-long party in honor of the first anniversary of the PokeMOBA.

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On July 21, the year anniversary of the game’s release on Nintendo Switch, The Pokemon Company, and Timi Studio Group will host a series of freebies, new Pokemon additions, and in-game activities to honor the game’s first year in the market.

To kick things off, from July 21 and October 12, gamers who check in every day for five days will receive five free Unite Licenses, the item needed to play as a given Pokemon, plus a free outfit for each Pokemon obtained. Here is a rundown of the freebies that will be distributed:

Costume for Day 1: Pikachu Unite, Licensed in a Sleek, Modern Style
Day 2: Licensed Lucario Unite member in a concert-ready getup
Third-Day: Blastoise Unite Licensed, Dressed as a Firefighter
Costume for Day 4: Snorlax Unite, Nighttime Form
Fifth day: Sylveon Unite License, Checkered Style Costume
To compensate, owners of the aforementioned Unite Licenses and Costumes will instead get 100 Aeos Coins.

There will be a total of six new Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.
There will be a total of six new Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

As part of the festivities, six new playable Pokemon will be added to the game: Glaceon on July 21, Buzzwole on August 3, and Tyranitar on August 15. All four Pokemon are expected to hit shelves in September, but we won’t know what they are until a later date.

As part of the festivities, Pokemon Unite will be releasing its first-ever PvE mode, Boss Rush, for a limited period. A group of players may work together to take on the most powerful Pokemon, and the best teams will be rewarded for their efforts. Each session of Boss Rush will consist of the following:

Time of First Session: Thursday, July 21, 2022, to Sunday, July 24, 2022
The dates for the second session are as follows: July 31st, 2022 – August 7th, 2022
Third session: August 14, 2022 (Sunday) – August 21, 2022 (Sunday)

In addition to the new battle pass, ranking season, and more, there will also be an Anniversary Cake challenge where players may collect frosting points to receive goodies, the primary ones being Tuxedo Style outfits for Cramorant and Crustle.

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online combat arena (5 vs. 5 players) where users command Pokemon to compete for the highest point total over the course of 10 minutes. The game can be downloaded for free right now for the Nintendo Switch, as well as for iOS and Android smartphones.

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